• Ed Rich is Director of Communications for the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District.

    "Effective communication is crucial to any organization, and schools are no different. With a comprehensive communications plan, I'm able to promote MRH to parents and the community, connect with current students, attract future ones, and successfully engage staff members. We value respectful dialogue and deliberation. This includes promoting compassion, diversity, and social justice.

    I can be reached 24/7 at 314-446-1707 (office) 314-568-1237 (mobile) or ed.rich@mrhschools.net"


MRH Communications Priorities/Protocols

  • The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District strives to prioritize effective communication to ensure that all stakeholders are informed about the District's goals, initiatives and events. The District maintains multiple channels of electronic communication to supplement in-person engagement opportunities. While the District can't utilize every social media or internet platform that our stakeholders may use, we will be selective - yet consistent - with our established platforms such that all stakeholders know where to turn to gain information, ask questions and provide feedback.

    The MRH Communications Preferred Methods Chart is intended to provide a quick reference to which methods of communication the District will utilize based on the nature of communication. 


    • Emergency/Safety Alerts are issued for any scenario which creates a safety concern (i.e. police or fire activity, environmental hazard) or involves a significant disruption to normal school operations (i.e. school bus breakdown/accident, electronic/mechanical systems failures within school buildings).
    • School Closing Alerts are issued when extreme weather poses a threat.
    • Event Promotion notices include reminders of Board of Education meetings, Open House events, engagement opportunities with District personnel, job fairs, celebrations, etc.
    • General Information notices are reserved for matters considered non-urgent.
    • Campaigns include educational information for District voters regarding tax/bond issues.

    All stakeholders are encouraged to contact the MRH Communications Department with questions or concerns. 

Who to Call: the MRH Communications Tree

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Preferred Methods of Communication Chart

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Communications Program Evaluation, October 2023

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