Annual Read-In.    December 15th event, 3:30-6 pm

    This is our 2nd year.  At the High School Research and Design Center.    Students bring pillows, stuffed animals and create reading forts before reading.  Snacks are provided.  Raffle prizes for attendees every 15 minutes.

    $5 entry fee - All proceeds are donated to The Left Bank Books Foundation to support and improve literacy in the St. Louis area -  https://www.lbbfound.org/.

    If anyone in the community would like to donate money or snacks to the event, please contact Emily Baker at emily.baker@mrhschools.net

    We love our sponsors: Blissfully Popped, Maplewood Deli, Maven Bath and Candle Company, Kaldi's Coffee, and The Book House!  Thank you for your generosity and support. 

    Start setting a few good books aside and get your blanket fort skills ready...

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