• Preventing Covid-19 In Schools

    In order to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools, we need to work in close partnership with all of our families. You are our most important partners during these challenging times. You can help us keep the schools open in several important ways:

    Prepare your student for their return to School: Top 10 Ways to Prepare Your Student for a Return to School.

    Complete a daily health check on your student every morning before sending them to school. Be particularly mindful of nasal congestion, coughing, difficulty breathing, and fevers. Here is a link to the Daily Health Check. If your student has any symptoms, please do the following:

    • Notify the school right away. Here is a link to the online reporting form: 2021-2022 MRH Student Illness Reporting Form
    • Follow the following symptom decision tree used throughout the region by all STL area school districts: Student Symptoms Decision Tree: Washington University
    • Contact your primary healthcare provider.
    • Get tested by a healthcare professional if your student has 1 high-risk symptom or 2+ low-risk symptoms. Testing is a key part of the strategy to decrease the spread of
      COVID-19 in schools. DPH recommends COVID-19 testing for any child with
      any high-risk symptom, especially upper respiratory symptoms. Even children
      with a history of asthma or allergies should be tested. (Source: STL County DPH
      Brief 9-8-2021) Please note that the school will not be able to accept home test
      kit results for re-admittance to school.

    Get Vaccinated: Anyone ages 5 and older are currently eligible for vaccination, it
    is crucial that all who are currently eligible get vaccinated as soon as possible for the
    protection of themselves and young children. (Source: STL County DPH Brief 9-8-2021)

    Follow asthma and allergy action plans: If your student has a history of asthma or
    allergies, provide a copy of the action plan with the school nurse and follow all of the preventative steps in the evening or in the morning before coming to school.

    • NOTE: However, since COVID-19 triggers allergic/asthmatic reactions, the STL
      County Department of Health still requires testing for anyone with upper
      respiratory symptoms at school (Source: STL County DPH Brief 9-8-2021)

    If we work together, we can safely and effectively keep our schools open for in-person learning.